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Our lawyers, engineers and consultants lend their expertise in Intellectual Property
to support your innovative and creative endeavours.

Why the 3D Gomboc Shape is not a Trademark?
France: Trademark Law is Changing!

Intellectual, Industrial, Literary and Artistic as well as ICT and Digital Property Law can protect inventors, creators, artists and entrepreneurs from counterfeiting or any other form of illicit appropriation by others of their know-how and the results of their research or creations.

As all manner of legal entities increasingly become aware of the value of their industrial know-how, their patents and their trademarks, and naturally seek to secure legal protection in order to preserve a competitve advantage and reap the benefits of their innovation.

Similarly, creators may need to defend the artistic, esthetic or decorative value of their pieces and prevent copies.

These ambitions are often confronted with practical obstacles; indeed, the details of legal procedures and the validity criteria of Intellectual Property rights require fine analysis and subtle appreciation, in addition to existing in a resolutely international context.

Alatis brings together a network of professionals with unique legal, economical and technical skills as well as wide-reaching international experience to answer your needs and support you through the process of defending your Intellectual Property.



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