Intellectual Property Attorney

Twenty-five years ago, Valérie Perrichon started her career in a reputable law firm in intellectual property.

After this first experience that lasted 7 years, Valérie Perrichon then joined an international firm dedicated to Intellectual Property and very quickly in 1999 was appointed head of the Parisian Trademark and Design department. In 2008, she became a partner of the firm.

In 2014, she started her own practice fully dedicated to intellectual property.

As an expert in intellectual property, Valérie Perrichon follows her clients throughout their journey to protect their intellectual property rights.

Valérie Perrichon defines a protection and defense strategy, and validates it through all phases.

Valérie Perrichon provides protection, preservation, and defense of rights for creations and innovations.

Valérie Perrichon represents her clients in court and actively fights against counterfeiting. Her expertise encompasses among others the food industry, fashion and its accessories, new technology, tourism and entertainment, insurance and banking, training, transportation, and hotels and restaurants… Her field also extends to contracting, unfair competition, domain names and custom withholding procedures.

Valérie Perrichon is a member of several associations:

  • INTA (International Trademark Association)
  • APRAM (Association des praticiens du droit des marques)

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