Our expertise in patents

A patent grants its proprietor exclusive exploitation rights to an invention.

This invention can be an object or product, as well as a process or method which represents a change to industrial or artisanal practice or a specific solution to a technical problem.

Patents are delivered by national administrations, such as the INPI in France, or international entities like the European Patent Office, after a relatively long and complex examination procedure of the application submitted by the inventor or their beneficiaries.

The patent application must comply with stringent requirements and the invention described must satisfy the three legal patentability criteria of industrial application, novelty and an inventive step.

To avoid the rejection of a patent application, the Alatis experts conduct a thorough preliminary analysis of the project prior to starting the process.

In particular, our experts can undertake an audit of your know-how or conduct a literature review in professional databases to verify the novelty of your invention.

We also provide the following services:

  • analysing of the invention and its patentability
  • developing an Intellectual Property strategy
  • drafting and submitting patent applications
  • tracking administrative examination procedures in France and internationally
  • protecting non-patentable technical know-how (softwares, business methods, surgical methods,…)
  • drafting patent licensing/disposal and technology transfer agreements
  • protecting trade secrets and business intelligence
  • “saisie-contrefaçon”
  • legal action regarding application, defense, infringement or revocation
  • tracking of negotiations

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