Our expertise in trademarks

Trademarks are distinctive signs which serve to differentiate between identical or similar products and services by different providers or producers. Our Trademarks division provides support and advice throughout the life cycle of your “distinctive signs” in France, Switzerland, the European Union or internationally, in both common processes and more complex matters.

  • Availability search
  • Trademark protection
    • Application strategy
    • Application in France and Switzerland, with the EUIPO and WIPO, and internationally (grouped application available)
    • Tracking application procedures
    • Renewal
  • Monitoring
    • Monitoring of word marks, figurative or semi-figurative trademarks, in one or several countries, within Europe or globally
    • Monitoring of trademark applications by an individual or within one economic sector
    • Company name monitoring
    • Domain name monitoring
    • Website content monitoring
  • Trademark defense
    • Opposition
    • Litigation
    • Negotiation
  • “Saisie-contrefaçon”
  • Infringement actions
  • Unfair competition actions
  • Trademark invalidity
  • Revocation of a trademark
  • Market analysis
  • Consulting
  • Agreements and Audit
    • Drafting
    • Negociation
    • Registration

Need more info about trademarks? Download our guide “10 steps to register your trademark”:

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