French & European Patent Attorney

Frédéric GAILLARDE graduated as a Civil engineer of Ecole Nationale des Ponts & Chaussées of Paris.He also applied for an MBA, CEIPI and Patent Litigator Certificate from the University of Strasbourg.He is an authorized representative before the French and European Patent Offices.Frédéric GAILLARDE is also a judicial expert in patents before the Court of Appeal of Paris, and he has been appointed as a technically qualified judge at the Unified Patent Court (UPC).He has been practicing as a patent attorney since 1997.He was a partner of a large IP firm for more than 10 years, and founded his own IP firm in 2018 before joining the ALATIS network in 2023.He advises small to medium-size companies, especially in the field of Greentech.

He  drafts and files patents in France and abroad, and actively defends his clients’ rights in case of infringement.

He has acquired specific experience in financial assessment of patent portfolios, opposition proceedings and patent litigation.

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