Jean-Marc PUECH

Expert in Corporate, Business, Contract and Digital Law

Jean-Marc joined the Paris bar after working in the business world in the digital technology sector at Orange and as legal director at a provider of Internet solutions and electronic communications services.

He holds a Masters degree in Corporate Law from Paris Sorbonne University and a Masters of Laws (LLM) from the University of Chicago.

Businesses must secure their material and intangible assets and sales online. Jean-Marc chose to specialize in corporate law as well as Intellectual property in order to enable businesses to succeed in their digital transition. He supports numerous companies, ranging from the traditional merchant sector to international businesses, including e-commerce businesses and start-ups.

Jean-Marc offers his clients an end-to-end expertise, from the choice of their legal structure for the purpose of an investment in France (creation of a company, by-laws and articles of incorporation) to the advice in corporate and contract law (distribution, commercial, marketing, sales, billing, payments and exports) and digital law (online BtoB and BtoC contracts, electronic proof, electronic archiving, electronic payment, consumer rights, personal data protection, as well as ICT and software law). He also engages in litigation (trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unfair competition and contractual responsibility).